Paul Mann


Season Of The Monsoon

"Sansi's passion becomes him, along with the genre he serves so brilliantly." The New York Times.

"The sweep of Mann's novel is as epic as it is
nerve-wracklingly taut." The Toronto Star.

"Sansi is the perfect metaphor for the complex relationship between Britain and India." - The Asian Wall Street Journal.

"...a thoroughly absorbing thriller in the 'relentless pursuit' tradition, reminiscent of The Day Of The Jackal - a comparison that cannot be made lightly." - The Australian.

"Although at times Mann's lush, existentially anguished writing at times resembles Raymond Chandler's, Sansi is better educated than Marlowe, less introspective and less inclined to womanizi8ng, one liners and violence." - U. S. Publisher's Weekly.

The Ganja Coast

"...astoundingly vivid scenes of a decadent city in the throes of life, the better to draw sharp, grim portraits of characters flirting with bizarre forms of death." - The New York Times.

" in-your-face (and your nose and your ear) look at India, teeming and mysterious, splendid and corrupt." - The Guardian Weekly.

"In India farce and tragedy go hand in hand and Mann, like his characters, knows that when it comes to betrayal it's not about forgiving but living with what's real." - The Australian.

" exotic thriller about a modern Paradise Lost." - The Ottawa Citizen.

" intriguing look at another culture - one where the best and worst of East and West meet..." San Francisco Examiner.

The Burning Tide

"...a superlative thriller..." - The Houston Chronicle.

"A compelling portrait of the complexities of modern India with fascinating characters." - Mystery Lovers Bookshop.

"...a delight, a fascinating and illumining novel of epic proportion." - Maine Sunday Telegram.

"...a scintillating tale set in the ever tangled state of contemporary India." - St. Petersburg Times.

"Mann delivers panoramic tours through Indian history and atmosphere, highlighted by sensually adept mistresses and intriguing insider lore..." - U.S. Publishers Weekly.

The Britannia Contract

" edge-of-your-seat thriller..." - Chattanooga News-Free Press.

"To say this is a fast paced action yarn is an understatement - it drives along at a furious pace." - Jacksonville Times-Union.

"...a pip of a thriller..." - U.S. Publishers Weekly.

"...sharply realized action sequences make Mann's incredible premise compelling from the starting gun..." - Kirkus Reviews.

"With chair gripping suspense and some great research and high-tech author Mann has given us a thriller." - The Oklahoman.

"...a huge, sprawling, intensely exciting novel orchestrated superbly by an author expert at engineering maximum suspense." - The Buffalo News.

The Traitor's Contract

"While not for the squeamish this fast moving yarn will appeal to those who believe adventure fiction antagonists should see the whites of one another's eyes." - U.S. Publisher's Weekly.

"From the riveting opening in which the bad guy in an assault helicopter blows apart a New York skyscraper there is not a moment for the reader to stop and catch his breath." - The New York Times

The Leek Club - Kindle Reviews:

"I am utterly astounded by 'The Leek Club.' Never thought it possible for anyone to capture the unique humor, harshness, irony and energy of mid 20th century mining towns. As a fervent lifelong reader I take some impressing. I can confidently identify with every word - especially as a pitman's daughter with memories of the geezer next door and dark mutterings of leek slashers at large. The book is full of wisdom and truth. But it wasn't just the narrative alone, the descriptive prose was plain but so pitch perfect in expressing the mood, the culture, the surroundings of the town and its characters. Cannot thank you enough for this superb book"

"...a colorful and memorable cast of characters in this story that will have you laughing out loud, squirming in your seat, and even make you slightly uncomfortable with the darker issues in the story."

"...introduced me to a whole world I had never known anything about, and now I feel I've lived there."

The Witch's Code - Kindle Reviews:

" enthralling tale that shines within the compelling genre of witch stories..."

The Witch's Code is a different witch book, not only is it a good story with well portrayed characters inside an interesting plot, it also tackles the issues of "magic' and explains these in terms of modern day science, something not found in other similar stories."

"This fast-paced and well-written supernatural mystery introduced me to my new favorite crime investigator!"

Dirty Hit - Kindle Reviews:

"If you like the gangster and "Mob" scene with a little touch of literary Tarantino this is for you. Great plot...great read......dark, fast, gritty and VERY bloody."

"I didn't expect to like it, but I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to get started on the second book. Somehow, I loved this book. Am I sick or what?"

"Johnny Mondo believes there is no situation that can't be solved with extreme violence. A mobster orders a hit on Johnny, but you have to feel sorry for the hitmen."

Sweet Kill - Kindle Reviews:

"I loved it, pure fantasy and escapism. The characters are well rounded and expressed, their actions are like a symphony."

"A way to escape for a little mob fun in between your serious reads... Think "Christopher" from the Sopranos on the run by himself leaving a trail of carnage behind him for a week."

"...what bothers me the most about the first two books in the Splatter trilogy is that they have the power to hold a mirror to your inner self; In fact, I can't wait for the third book to come out. Now that's scary."