Paul Mann


This is where you can check out some of my books. The two most recent are The Leek Club and The Witch's Code. Very different from each other but I do like to mix things up a bit.

The Leek Club is set in the northeast of England in the 1950's and is heavily autobiographical, though names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. The Leek Club is the book I wanted to write my whole life and doesn't lend itself to a sequel. But The Witch's Code was for fun and profit and I enjoyed it so much, and the response has been so positive, there will be a sequel soon as I can get to it. I have a funny history with sequels because as soon as you write one successful book publishers want you to keep writing the same thing, which can be tiresome.

My first four books were techno-thrillers because I wanted to write an homage to Ian Fleming's James Bond as exemplified by Sean Connery. Who, to a spotty English school kid, was the template for male cool. But I was chafing to try something more ambitious so I wrote the first of three Sansi novels which were much darker and had vastly more serious themes. Season of the Monsoon went on to be my most successful book, becoming a bestseller and earning some heady reviews. Again the publisher wanted me to turn it into a series, only to dump me after The Ganja Coast and The Burning Ghats didn't achieve the same sales as Season Of The Monsoon. I like both books though, and so do most people who read them. I've had the synopsis for a fourth Sansi, The Jackal Club, ready for a while and I hope to get to it sometime in the next few years.

So far three of my books have been turned into e-books; The Leek Club, The Witch's Code and Season of the Monsoon. The rest are print versions only, though I will be scanning and uploading them to Kindle in due course. My first two thrillers are missing in action - The Libyan Contract and The Beirut Contract - and they're pretty dated now anyway. But I have the original manuscripts and will get them uploaded too. In the meantime, if you spot them wandering forlornly through the murky swamps of the book world, let me know. To learn more about each of the books you see pictured on this page just click on the cover image.

Right now I'm working on The Splatter Trilogy, an absolutely disgraceful series about a hit man on the run; Dirty Hit, Sweet Kill and Red, White and Bloody. I'll have the first two up on Kindle this spring, by which time I hope to have finished the third. Then I plan to get going on The House of False Affections, a black comedy about political backstabbing in small town America. You can read more on both these projects by clicking on the Latest link at the top of the page.

I'm also hoping to set up a link where readers can reach me directly. Writers need readers and if we don't have any we're only wanking. I love that word, wanking. And there's no greater compliment than somebody shelling out cold hard cash to read your books. So, if you've read this far, I hope you'll be tempted to read a little further. –

Paul Mann.