Paul Mann

The Traitor's Contract

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Te Traitor's Contract

While not for the squeamish this fast moving yarn will appeal to those who believe adventure fiction antagonists should see the whites of one another's eyes." - U.S. Publisher's Weekly.See more reviews

Treachery runs deep as Special Boat Squadron veteran Colin Lynch duels to the death with an IRA hit man in a bloody chase that leads from New York to Washington D.C. and the shores of western Ireland.

I've been told the opening scene of The Traitor's Contract is the best of any thriller ever. And who am I to argue?

The thing about thrillers is you're always challenged to go bigger and better. But go too big and it's just another story about The End Of Life As We Know It. I wanted The Traitor's Contract to have depth and authenticity as well as spectacle and I was helped enormously in that by a chance meeting aboard a flight from New Delhi to London.

The man in the seat next to mine was an elegantly rumpled Englishman in late middle age who might have been the headmaster of a posh private school. We got to chatting and when the subject turned to thrillers, as it would, he offered me a way into a world I'd been unable to penetrate until then. He wasn't the benign character I took him for at all, he was an executive with a British electronics firm that made advanced weapons systems. And he gave me an introduction to the improbably named Ram Seger, former squad commander with the Special Boat Service. The protagonist in my thrillers, of course, is Colin Lynch, a former squad commander with the Special Boat Service.

One phone call and a couple of days later I drove down to Poole in Dorset, home base of the Special Boat Service, to meet with Ram. He also invited along a few former members of his squad. To use the word 'former' implies that they were retired and inactive and they were anything but. Since leaving the Service they made their money by rescuing kidnap victims in South America and smuggling wealthy Iranians out of the Ayatollah's Iran. Over a long lunch of sandwiches and beer Ram and the various members of his team gave me invaluable insight to their world, the near unbelievable feats they perform and the almost superhuman skills they possess. It was an unforgettable afternoon that ranks as one of the most thrilling of my life.

The book that resulted, The Traitor's Contract, is one of the most authentic Special Forces stories you will ever read.