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Die Cool Launched

Die Cool cover

Johnny Mondo returns in Die Cool, the final installment in The Splatter Trilogy. His cross country rampage takes him to Las Vegas where he fulfills his dream of opening his own club, tangles with a hard headedl blonde who is more than his match and is propelled into a final showdown with mob boss Bobby Basile. Out now at Kindle Books


Three generations of Mann story tellersPaul_family_generations

Three generations of Manns at the American Writers and Publishers Conference in Tampa, Florida last week. My daughter, Jessica, was a panelist at the conference on the Thursday, leading a discussion on the importance of teaching writing. Jessica is an instructor in Magic Realism at Grub Street in Boston, the biggest non-profit writing school in the country. I was there in a supporting role as babysitter for grandson, Bastian, aka Bat Mann. On Saturday, March 10, the last day of the conference, the three of us toured the Book Fair, which is huge.

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